…linking renewable technologies with thermal solutions

Welcome to ThermaLink Limited

ThermaLink Limited is a newly established developer of energy services utilizing proven technology to deliver long term heating, cooling and power solutions.


ThermaLink identifies opportunities for the application of thermal technologies in partnership with technology providers, designers, constructors and developers. The concept of utilizing heat energy from sewage is not new – but the technology is constantly advancing. One innovative approach introduces the concept of taking heat energy from sewage and working with wastewater companies and other off takers to take advantage of this energy source. ThermaLink then creates delivery solutions which are tailored specifically to meet a particular client’s needs, including long term operations and maintenance with financing as appropriate.


ThermaLink is now identifying projects for the application of this advanced technology. The innovative focus is introducing this technology to wastewater owners and operators seeking to take advantage of the energy which is available particularly at the point of discharge from wastewater treatment facilities. This heat energy can be utilized for process enhancement and other eco-friendly energy efficient solutions.


ThermaLink is working in partnership with select local contractors and engineering companies as well as world-class technology providers.


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